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Women and girls could be voting for new MPs in January

Women and girls could be voting for new MPs in January

Could I Survive the ‘Quietest Place on Earth’?

The average life expectancy of a woman in Britain is 75 years – but a number of women are facing the prospect of living on less than a decade. That’s the subject that is driving a new report from the charity Crisis, which calls for more support for women and girls through the winter months.

Some women may be at an increased risk of serious illness and dying because of the cold, researchers warn.

A number of women – particularly those living in the poorest regions of the UK – are facing the risk of severe illness and even death from not being able to cope with the cold, the charity says.

The charity’s report is based on its own research which found that three women a year die because, despite having health insurance, they could not afford to cover the costs of paying for the drugs to treat potential health problems caused by the weather.

Researchers found that more than 30 per cent of women aged over 60 – the age when they are most likely to need help – living in the poorest areas of the UK do not have health insurance.

Crisis, which is supported by the Wellcome Trust, says that while women typically face the highest share of health problems due to ageing, they can suffer the most from the effects of the winter weather, which is why it recommends that all women aged 70 and over should have access to the latest advice on how to protect and live with long-term conditions.

The charity says it is investing £75m over the next decade to help vulnerable and hard-to-reach women and girls.

But, while the idea of women and girls living longer in the UK is being discussed around the world, in January, the country will go to the polls and for the first time since 1997, women could get to vote for new MPs.

The change has been inspired by women’s groups who have campaigned for the

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