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The Hispanic Community Is Not a European American

The Hispanic Community Is Not a European American

As a Hispanic American, I rejected getting into Harvard Law school by affirmative action until I was a senior in high school.

I found one of my law school professors to be of Hispanic heritage. He was also one of the most brilliant and challenging professors I have ever had.

He was of European American descent and, I think, was a great guy. He had a way of explaining a complex concept in a way that was accessible to all.

However, I didn’t know that he was also one of the most prominent Latino academics in the country. I guess I didn’t know it because he had not told me.

In many ways, I found this to be a positive example of how Hispanic Americans can have access to the same education and opportunities that a European American must have.

There are many other examples where I have felt as though I was not getting all of the information from an “other” ethnic group and I think this is why it is important that we understand how to overcome these issues.

However, I think that if everyone took the time to better educate themselves on the various topics of diversity before they make such significant decisions, these instances would become less frequent.

Not a huge deal, I know. But some people would disagree.

For example, on April 4, I was attending an event at the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona on the topic of immigration.

The purpose of the event was for Arizona lawmakers to discuss and get behind a bill to ensure that undocumented immigrants are not deported.

The event was hosted by House Democrats and the Arizona congressmen who had introduced the bill.

In attendance included many elected officials from the Hispanic community. These elected officials were not able to attend because of health concerns.

My wife, an elected official, attended the event and decided to run the camera across the room. There she saw the members of the Hispanic community.


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