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The coronavirus mask is a must for people in California

The coronavirus mask is a must for people in California

L.A. County strongly recommends indoor masking as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations jump

Health officials strongly recommended that California residents and visitors wear face masks as part of a new public health campaign that has led to a dramatic decline in coronavirus cases.

The county and state are projecting that the number of COVID-19 cases would decline by roughly 70 to 80 percent by May, after which it would gradually decrease by 15 to 20 percent per week, depending on the severity of the outbreak.

“We need residents to remember to wear a mask, wash your hands, and wash your face,” said health officer Dr. Grant Colfax, who was asked to explain the masks and how they work.

Dr. Colfax said that masks are crucial in helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“A mask isn’t going to protect you 100 percent from having the virus, but it’s going to slow the way the virus is spreading,” Dr. Colfax said.

“It gives you the ability to breathe and to have a normal immune response, to take a shower or wash your hands without putting on a mask, which helps you to have a normal immune response, and to protect yourself,” he said.

What does the recommended coronavirus mask look like?

The recommended mask is a cloth mask. It is designed to be worn over your face with the arms down, with a clear plastic “face shield” on top.

Health officials recommended the masks for those in close contact with someone who may be infected with COVID-19, including those who are hospitalized, nursing home residents or have underlying health conditions such as heart disease, respiratory conditions or diabetes.

The masks should be worn at all times.

People who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus will not need a mask. Doctors who are using the mask to treat infected people are still expected to wear a mask, but they are expected to put it on before entering the clinic.

Calfax Health issued a “stay at home/cover your cough” order on Thursday afternoon, saying it would be “impossible” to enforce the

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