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The Colorado River is tapped out, but it will not matter.

The Colorado River is tapped out, but it will not matter.

Letters to the Editor: Save the Colorado River. Desalinate water from the Pacific Ocean to irrigate crops in the Colorado River Basin. Build the dam on the north side of the Cisquorgetown Reservoir

There are two ways to look at it: one is that the river has been tapped out, but that it won’t really matter because a new, bigger one is being built. The other is that there will be no running water from the Colorado River when the new dam is finished. The solution you are presenting is the classic “too much, too much, too much, and it drives me insane”. The water you are saving by not building a new dam is not going to be enough. There is a solution and that is to build a new dam – and not a small-diameter dam like the one you suggest. I’m with a group in Canada that has been fighting a large dam project for 10 years. They have been pushing for a smaller dam that they believe would be cleaner, cause less damage, and actually save money. It has been a very long campaign. I know for a fact, that the Canadian government has said that they would like to see the project completed by the end of 2015. I wish you all well, and I hope you are successful in getting this to the point where it is more than just a conversation.

I just read the letter. Please go back to the well and then go to the toilet. The letter is not at all original. It is, how-ever, very interesting. It is a very effective way of dealing with the issue. Why is it I always have to have this experience with people? It is because you are a very common person. If you are going to be on the side of truth, the truth is a very long and involved process with many twists and turns. You are taking one path. You are going to follow this road for a considerable length of time, and you will be in trouble. Please go away from the well and do not touch the toilet. It is not for you.

SUBJECT: Colorado River It’s time for you to realize that our nation is the United States

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