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Nigeria’s Election Is Not About Politics

Nigeria’s Election Is Not About Politics

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Nigeria’s presidential election was supposed to be the cleanest the country has ever run.

Yet, the vote has exposed more electoral fraud in Nigeria’s history than any previous election.

In Nigeria, elections are not about politics. They are about power and access.

It is the way Nigeria has chosen to divide the country’s wealth that has led to this week’s monumental scandal.

And the consequences could be far-reaching.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, a former governor, is now on his third term for office, and he is expected to win a second term outright.

But there is growing concern that the Buhari administration may not survive his successor because of what has happened during this election.

In fact, if the Buhari administration loses and is replaced by a Buhari-backed candidate, Nigeria’s next presidency could be the first where a sitting leader is replaced by his successor while in office.

Lagos: The city in Nigeria where people from every walk of life come together

Lagos, the city in Nigeria where everyone belongs, no matter their background, and where people from every walk of life come together.

This is what the city of Lagos was known for in the past — Lagos was a bustling metropolis where all manner of people from all walks of life could find themselves in one room, or one bus, or one bus stop, or one street corner, or at a restaurant, or a supermarket.

I have seen this transformation as I have traveled from one city to another on the road between India and the United States, between the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines, between the United States and Nigeria.

The people here are not the same people in the United States or the Philippines, and they’re not exactly the same people in the UAE either.

Some of the same people don’t dress the same either. Some of the same people have the same accent. Some of the same people speak the same language. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they’ve all come from different walks of life, come from different places, and have been born into a social str

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