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Michael Chertoff Resigns as Secretary of Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff Resigns as Secretary of Homeland Security

McCarthy demands resignation of DHS chief Mayorkas, says investigations await if he remains at post

This image released by CBS Sports Digital, shows Michael Cohen, president of the Professional Footballers Association, meeting with former NFL player and New York Police Department official Jason Van Dyke.

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The Department of Homeland Security chief’s resignation has been called into question amid allegations that his office has repeatedly denied background checks and granted security clearances to people who are not eligible to hold them.

Michael Chertoff was due to step down March 4.

In an exclusive interview with CBS News Thursday, a CBS News investigation tracked how he obtained clearances and his involvement with his agency’s controversial security clearance program known as the “wall.”

“I am resigning as secretary of DHS,” Chertoff said.

The New York Times reported Chertoff has known since his first day in the job that the Obama administration had concluded his security clearance program was so shoddy that it violated federal law.

But the paper said the Obama administration did not inform Chertoff that this might be the case.

After speaking to his staff, he realized that his approval of security clearances for people who could not meet clearances’ stringent requirements could be an illegal practice, the Times said.

While he knew he was breaking the law, he continued for months to approve security clearances for people he knew to be ineligible, according to the newspaper.

CBS News has since confirmed with a White House source that Chertoff knew at least two people who were inappropriately cleared despite not meeting the stringent standards of the program.

CBS News obtained security clearance documents to back up its reporting, which was confirmed by a White House official.

Chertoff has not explained why the reports that his clearance program violated federal law were not brought to his attention.

While he has defended the program, he said he would resign unless those responsible for the program were punished.

In the interview Thursday, Chertoff said he would resign unless President Obama gives him a “clean slate.”

“I am resigning under the express request and for the express purpose of returning to a role in the executive branch that would allow me to

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