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Joe Biden’s Campaign Rally in South Carolina

Joe Biden’s Campaign Rally in South Carolina

Hecklers disrupt Biden’s campaign rally in Maryland

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has spent the last week traveling around the state of Maryland to raise money for him. During a campaign rally at the University of Maryland, Biden tried to tell the entire room who was for him and who was not.

Biden had been campaigning in Baltimore for months, but last Friday he took a break to spend time with his family and took to the stage, where he spent nearly 20 minutes trying to win over his supporters.

As he started to get serious about his pitch, the crowd of over 1,000 tried to get him to stop talking, and when he wouldn’t, hecklers interrupted him, calling out Biden and making it quite clear who his opponent was.

“I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want it,” Biden said at one point to one heckler.

“This just keeps getting worse and worse and worse,” Biden said.

At a point when he was talking to a supporter, Biden made a reference to the “croc-cocaine” comments about President Obama. “Let’s let the guy just speak,” Biden said.

At a time when Biden was talking to one of his top field organizers, he was interrupted by protesters.

“Don’t let them turn this into a political circus and please stop and let him finish his speech,” Biden told the person in the crowd when he was interrupted.

Joe Biden was running a crowd-pleasing campaign when he came into South Carolina for a weekend of campaigning. Last Friday, he went on offense with his first ad since Hillary Clinton’s first ad (on her first day on the campaign trail after winning the New York Democrat primary), and the crowd cheered him on.

Despite what his campaign has said, the guy who ran on his integrity has a long record of corruption, and the president has repeatedly attacked him with lies. Biden’s presidential campaign should be ashamed of how he handled the ad, but his supporters should be ashamed. They should not be proud of him or his campaign.

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