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I Voted for the Republicans

I Voted for the Republicans

Democrat Christy Smith knows she’ll lose her congressional race. She blames her own party.

Smith is a political novice who got elected to represent her first-time district in a House district in southeast Michigan as the Democratic nominee and was defeated Tuesday by Republican Cindy Lerner.


Despite her defeat, Smith is a little more philosophical today. The Washington Post reports that she told people at a town hall after the election, “If I have any regrets, I’ve learned to live with them. I’ve learned the only way to win is to be a better person, whether I know it or not, and I did my very best.”

Perhaps this is just “the price of living in a world where you’re elected to represent the people you want to represent,” as Smith put it. She will have to deal with a Republican majority that is more loyal to Trump than the Democrats who voted for him and a president who has been less than warm to her at times. She is taking some solace in the fact that many of the voters who went to the polls Tuesday were fed up with the national political climate, and not that much different from the folks who voted for Smith in the first place.

I know I am. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, a lifelong liberal and a lifelong activist on every level but have decided to cast my ballot today for the Republicans. My reasons have little to do with any sort of partisan or ideological difference. I’m tired of this crap we are experiencing, the media lies, the Republican policies are more harmful than the Democrats ones, and at some point, the national debt and the national debt in particular, and the fact that we are broke — I want to stop the gravy train and put it all into the pot. How can a national debt of $20 trillion be a problem if it is one country that has more debt than the entire world’s GDP? All this makes me a Republican. But that’s just a fact I know for a fact.

I voted for Trump. I did not vote for him. But this doesn’t surprise me. It’s been two years since Trump ran for president. Yet as much as I hated Hillary Clinton, I really hated Trump, I didn’t like the way the Republican Party ran that campaign. I didn’t like the way they ran their campaigns, I didn’t like the party itself, I didn’t like how the

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