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Federer: The Man Who Will Never Be A Genie

Federer: The Man Who Will Never Be A Genie

Roger Federer, a genius who made tennis look effortless. Not only was he a formidable two-time Wimbledon champion, but he was also a three-time US Open champion (his triumphs as a youngster were overshadowed by the birth of his only child, whom he adopted as his heir after his wife was killed in a car accident).

Federer, who has no children, is at his most gracious, gracious most at press conferences. He has an innate ability to make things work. At this World TeamTennis Grand Slam event in Abu Dhabi, he had a good talk with the reporters and gave a thoughtful answer to a question about when he will retire. In his most recent interview, he answered a question about his favorite memory of playing.

In his 15 years at Wimbledon, Federer has won the championship four times and has captured the title as its champion once. Of the 12 major men’s singles tournaments to which he has won a major (ten of which have included major finals), he has the following records:

Wimbledon: 12-0 US Open: 2-0 French Open: 4-2 ATP World Tour Finals: 5-0 Australian Open: 0-1

He currently has a win-loss record of 26-12 on tour and is ranked No.1 all-time on the ATP list by the WTA.

He is a player who is always ready to listen to what is being said about him, the subject of this article. And it is to him that I will turn now. I don’t want to offend him nor do I want to go out on a limb and say that he didn’t know. But the record shows otherwise. I simply want you to see that when you think that someone is a genius, a genius who is so full of his own intelligence that no one else could understand him, he can be wrong.

When asked if he thought that Federer’s recent Wimbledon victory was a fluke, he responded with the following.

I think the fact that he won Wimbledon is a little bit of a fluke. But maybe there is another explanation. I think in my career, maybe he’s always struggled against the biggest guns and he’s always had a great shot in the

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