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The Mission District’s Supervisor Ed Lee Announces He’ll Run for Supervisor

The Mission District’s Supervisor Ed Lee Announces He’ll Run for Supervisor

Dist. Atty. Brooke Jenkins gets a crash course in San Francisco politics on the night of the Nov. 4 election in the Mission District.



In the midst of this week’s campaign season, one of the biggest developments has happened locally. San Francisco Supervisor Ed Lee announced today that he’ll run for elected office again.

For more than 20 years, Ed Lee was the only San Franciscan elected to the full-time, public office of district attorney. As we know, he got almost zero votes when he ran for that position. But Lee has been doing just fine as supervisor of the 24th District, which encompasses the Mission District.

Lee’s announcement, which was made on the website of his campaign, was no secret. In fact, the announcement came in between a public hearing and an assembly endorsement. The news about the candidacy was widely covered in the local press, including the San Francisco Chronicle and SF Weekly.

Lee got a lot of support from community members in the Mission District when he announced his intention to run for San Francisco supervisor. At the time, he made it clear that he was not seeking the job.

But he’s now ready for the political season to start in earnest. He’s got his next fight.

And so will we.

The Mission District is in for another great election on Nov. 4.

For the past four years, Supervisor Elizabeth Steigerwald has filled her seat, meaning a three-way race is in effect for the 24th District supervisor’s post.

This year, however, Supervisor Ron Roberts, who has served as the 24th District supervisor for more than a decade, announced his plans to retire. He was one of the last to announce his candidacy.

Now it is Supervisor Ed Lee’s turn.

Lee, who first entered public office in 1999 as a member of the Mission City Council and who went on to serve as a public official in various capacities for nearly three decades, has always made it very clear that he doesn’t want the position in question, elected district attorney, and that he was always out to be a San Francisco supervisor.

That’s been his MO when he first ran for office in 1999.

That didn’t change when he ran again in 2009.

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