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Offset’s Legacy: The Music He Left Behind

Offset’s Legacy: The Music He Left Behind

At Takeoff’s Atlanta memorial, Offset says his cousin ‘changed the culture of music’

Offset is remembered for being “the guy to turn to when things get ugly,” and for his commitment to his craft as a producer. He may have left his mark on the world of music, but he’s even more impactful on the lives of those who knew him.

“I’m a better person,” he said. “That’s my legacy. The music I made is for myself, the people that have known me the longest are my legacy. The people that I know the best are my legacy. I see my impact on other people. I didn’t like people, I just loved music and loved to make music. And what I’ve seen as an impact on people of different colors and background is that they don’t like to make it so they listen to it. They get inspired by it. They get motivated by it.”

It’s that last point that is perhaps the most important to him, and for his fans. Offset’s biggest legacy could be the music he left behind on the cutting room floor.

In 2016, off of the album “Majors,” Offset took home the Grammy after winning the Grammy for producing the song “Amen,” which he had co-written with his good friend Nipsey Hussle. Before that, though, he had already taken home Best Rap Performance on his debut mixtape, the Grammy-nominated “Nipsey Hussle,” and had also been nominated for Best Rap Album.

His music career began on the streets in Atlanta, in the ATL. Offset’s hometown is where he started out. A lot of people don’t realize this, which is why he still has the ATL area that he grew up in. He has a lot of fond memories of spending time in his home city.

“I have a lot of love for my home from growing up

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