Sunday, October 17, 2021

Drake is demanding $86,000 in sanctions over club owner that ‘withheld a witness’ from prosecutors

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Drake is demanding $86,000 in sanctions over an assault lawsuit that has a link to a club owner that “withheld a witness” from prosecutors, the website Blast reported. In the suit, Quentin Miller alleges that he was assaulted by Drake and another man inside a nightclub in Los Angeles. Miller claims that he refused to finger Drake and that the rapper yelled, “Drake beat you!” and left the room.

Miller, who says he has received “severe and serious injuries” from the attack, “has felt threatened ever since he is suing” and has now asked for $1 million in damages, all of which he has been denied, according to the Blast. A portion of Miller’s lawsuit states: “Plaintiff [is] a physically and mentally damaged person.”

However, as the Blast reported: “Miller claims that night club owner Aaron Louis Van Hooydonk is responsible for his physical injuries, as Van Hooydonk put him in danger by either allowing Drake or another man, who allegedly attacked Miller, to stay at the club with Miller.”

However, according to Van Hooydonk, he provided footage of the incident to L.A. County prosecutors but they later obtained a different version of events, and he’s now declined to speak with them. “After the case was dismissed at the preliminary stage, Van Hooydonk recused himself and he decided to change his story,” the Blast wrote. “Van Hooydonk says the best and most current video from that night does not show what Miller said, so he contacted a woman named Stephanie Holmes, who goes by the nickname ‘Lefty.’”

Van Hooydonk spoke to Holmes about Miller’s assault, and “Holmes confirmed that Van Hooydonk had never met Drake in his life and had never been to OVO — the name of his nightclub. The surveillance tape from Van Hooydonk’s club shows Miller dragging van Hooydonk out of the club by his collar, according to alleged witness Holmes. Van Hooydonk claims that the video shows Miller trying to cut him with his vape pen, which punctured van Hooydonk’s mouth, but Holmes claims that Holmes’s version of events is ‘B.S.’ and the reality of the moment is that Miller punched and beat van Hooydonk.”

Van Hooydonk believes Holmes’s testimony isn’t credible and that he should be held responsible for the allegation, but after Miller’s attorney requested additional information, including the phone numbers of Holmes’s clients, they determined that the woman had deleted footage that could corroborate her claims.

At a hearing on Nov. 24, Dana Boardman, who represents Miller, asked that the case be dismissed, which was denied. She said Van Hooydonk “has been untruthful and misleading and refused to cooperate” with the investigation into the matter, and asked that $86,000 in sanctions be handed down. Boardman is expected to continue pursuing the case, with a possible trial date set for February.

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