Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wooden gaming chairs and creative new collections at the British Independent Furniture Show

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Making furniture doesn’t have to be dull! Instead, the Swedish furniture chain IKEA is turning to gaming chairs in the British Independent Furniture Show to attract new customers.

The aim of the collaboration is to bring in a younger, more tech-savvy audience into the IKEA fold — one that, curiously, is less likely to own a sofa than many other generations.

IKEA has created two versions of the chair: one built from wood with cushions to mimic a wooden gaming console, and another made from contemporary machined aluminium. It will be on display in central London from August 1 to August 4, while a signed version is set to be auctioned online in September.

With it’s lightweight form, the gaming chair, named the Gelamm and which weighs 550g, is lighter than usual in its field of competitors and comes with an undisclosed price tag. IKEA is hoping gamers will love its chairs — most often a huge success in the gaming world — so much that they also opt for more traditional furniture.

Meanwhile, IKEA has created the Orangi wooden paddle chair, which is pitched at arty types keen to be inspired. It also weighs 550g and comes with a choice of materials, including plastic, stainless steel and wood. Despite its compact design, the Orangi can hold more than you think, and has two standing desks, a chair and a desk. A deck of cards will be a compulsory addition to your games table.

Its soft rubber cushion can be modified, and you’ll be allowed to add in your own details to the Baltic menu, which details the measurements of your legs, feet and pelvis.

All you need is a wooden table to set up or a plank of wood to play poker on, and it all comes with its own keyboard and mice to avoid high prices while still being part of a team-up with a global furniture retail giant.

Here’s an exclusive video of the “Tanaköll ‘Paddle Chair:”

Another way to get your feet wet and your game on? Take a look at some of the new exhibition spaces at the British Independent Furniture Show:

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