Friday, October 22, 2021

Instagram Lets You Chat With Your Friends, Keep Them Out Of Your Photos

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by The New Civil Rights Movement

From Seattle to Los Angeles to New York, you can now reach out to others via Instagram, if you don’t use Facebook as your social media network of choice. The app rolled out photo-messaging in January, but this week, Instagram announced that it is allowing users to directly chat with others if they use Instagram Direct directly to upload photos. This means that everyone who is on Instagram Direct, can now reach out to you in a private chat that takes place on Facebook or their own mobile device.

Up until now, Instagram Direct has let users share photos with private tags, which means when you post a photo, you’re generally sending it with your exact initials on it — is that friends or family? But no longer. You can now also make a conversation private as well.

Facebook first introduced photo-messaging within Messenger, its own mobile messaging app, in August of last year. Instagram users can now also interact with one another within the app. According to Instagram, the functionality for messaging and chatting with users outside of Instagram exists inside the app’s media editor.

“Similar to how you can express yourself by tagging friends in Instagram photos, this feature lets you add specific people to a photo or video post without ever leaving the Instagram app,” Instagram said in a statement. “You can invite people to photo or video posts or block people from viewing posts by simply tapping the person’s name.”

Just this week, Instagram began allowing its users to flag offensive content from others. Instagram has over 400 million users.

This is a HUGE leap forward for Facebook and represents the further integration of Instagram into the larger Facebook umbrella. Instagram is certainly Facebook’s newest and most innovative darling. Instagram has a private messaging function that Facebook only recently started rolling out and which presumably will help expand its reach even further — more “engagement.”

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