Friday, October 22, 2021

The ‘most revolutionary smartwatch yet’ is broken!

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More than half a million people purchased Apple Watch Series 3 at the beginning of 2018. And for good reason—it’s the best and most revolutionary smartwatch yet.

The Series 3 version boasts cellular connectivity, which makes them absolutely priceless for runners. It’s also water resistant, so you can swim, and accept incoming phone calls while swimming, and it has a built-in heart-rate monitor, which is your first line of defense in tough workout scenarios.

But let’s be real—the Series 3 isn’t great enough.

The iPhone (and iPads) follow a smart watch protocol. They will run when enabled—whether that’s when the GPS is turned on or the watch is connected to a charger (or when you sync up with another device, like an Apple TV, and use it to watch Netflix, Apple Music, and podcasts).

How Apple could fix smartwatch

Apple needs to make two smartwatch improvements that are equally as big as its reported 2019 switch to an OLED screen in iPhone.

First, replace the poor GPS with a GPS/glasses wearable; because if you are going to ditch the iPhone, why not ditch the GPS too? And the best smartwatch is one that has the same granular data available when you are wearing it; get this, you can be gliding through your golfing game and have your game data get sent to your phone even if you have left your phone behind.

Second, reduce the screen size. I’m serious. The bigger screens are optimized for touch, a little helpful on smaller screens, but completely useless on smartwatches. Your wrist remains the best point of view for the device in your pocket. And you won’t miss a single notification while you are running or swimming.

But don’t forget about phones

Did you ever think you’d ever see a smartwatch with no phone whatsoever? In the next 10 years, look out, people.

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