Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tiger’s Christmas mystery – what happened when the boy ate the mane?

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The oldest male tiger of its species, known as GALATO, gets down on his knees to play with an adoring cub who takes possession of his paw, as the screen fills with a half-dozen proud adults and, for a few brief moments, a stuffed tiger.

We watch the toddler elude the instincts of his peers in such a way that they no longer object when he eats the tiger’s paw. He reaches out for the paw, and he pinches it like a gauze guard when he bites it.

The adoring child looks out at the tiger all the way to the valley below, where he reaches into the grass to collect a boxful of leaves. It’s his Christmas present to the kitten, who still isn’t fully aware of what is taking place, as the world shakes below him.

If you saw that creature, you’d call in the World Wildlife Fund to work alongside the local conservation organization and help teach this 13-year-old male in captivity about his tiger’s responsibility to a cub. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of online commenters took the time to critique the video, remarking on its adult male’s physical appearance and its surroundings, pointing out the chasm between conservation and the image of A Christmas Story.

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