Sunday, October 17, 2021

Jason Sudeikis on his burgeoning acting career, his nonstop work schedule and acting as a stand-up

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Written by By Carol Cratty, CNN

Jason Sudeikis isn’t kidding when he says that life as an actor has been his “secret life” since launching his stand-up career a decade ago.

The actor-writer and “Saturday Night Live” veteran has been working every day, full-time, ever since — not exactly “nipping at anyone’s heels,” as he puts it, “but in general, taking a different train every day, waking up at a different time, doing different things … Every year, I get into different fields, different businesses. It’s been a perfect way for me to transition into life.”

Sudeikis is currently hosting “Lip Sync Battle on Spike,” premiering on October 24, which will (in his words) put “some face time” on his ego as he gears up for his final show as host of “Saturday Night Live,” which debuts November 3. He recently stopped by CNN headquarters for a one-on-one interview to discuss this high-profile gig and the future of “Saturday Night Live,” one of the longest-running sketch comedy shows in America.

The future of “Saturday Night Live” was, he says, never an option: ” I wanted to take the show back from the guy who took it. So, I wanted to be the guy who took it back.”

Between Sudeikis’ development of, and sitcom “Mom,” he also has given his artist friend J.R. Sullivan two new graphic novels, “Sex Hustle” and “It’s Why You Work at Google,” out on October 23. He’s taken on directing projects this year, as well, including “Playmobil,” out on February 6.

On his love of playing characters other than those he’s playing.

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