Sunday, October 17, 2021

Viewed Like This: Teela! Dumplings cook up a storm on a stick

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Crappy stuff you’re selling, online resellers. KORPIR Creamery of Pelhamville, New York, does a really great job in this industry. It’s American horse dumpling and the name is pretty awesome, too. But as the cheese crowd will tell you, it’s a bit skinny. There’s a good reason for this though, and they’re trying to alert the people who are buying from you.

Amazon Sellers Are Price Gouging Horse Dewormer Because People Want To Eat It The cut-price trifle known as the Ella of Dorchester is a delicious, fatty stew. Tweet @Korpioblecca with any images of you savoring this delicacy. We’ll add to this gallery as much as we can and report back to you.

You probably know by now that these glorious children’s bicycles actually cost a shitload of money to make, and whether you believe that this hot stew is made with actual horse dumplings or the ones that come in container at the pharmacy, it’s easy to see why the girls at Korpioblecca are so mad about it.

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