Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pro-life volunteers mobilise to help ‘poorest women’

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Image caption “Come check us out; I need your business.” – Wendy Davis

The owner of a women’s clinic in Oklahoma says they’re seeing “freakishly high” numbers of women trying to access abortion services.

Many women are turning to overburdened clinics in states like Texas. They’re “working harder to say yes to somebody”, the clinic’s owner, Wendy Davis told The Guardian.

Earlier this month, a grand jury indicted the owner of a Texas abortion clinic for manslaughter for the deaths of two of her patients.

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“When there are surgeries with complications, they don’t kick and scream when they’re walking out,” Ms Davis said.

“But with abortion, it’s a whole other story.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton has said that the decision to charge the clinic’s owner, Theresa Neugent, was “difficult, but legal” and evidence shows she was “an inattentive, passive caregiver of the patient with consequences in terms of the woman’s physical and mental health”.

Ms Neugent said she welcomed the “appropriate charge”. She has been in trouble with the authorities before.

Ms Neugent, a former nurse, also runs abortion facilities in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arizona.

The Guardian reports that Ms Neugent has received hundreds of calls from pregnant women seeking help for their pregnancy.

However, she said she has “to turn them away”.

“We have to turn a lot of women away because we’re so busy,” she said.

“We can only give [blood] draws and post-expectant visits, we can’t do the procedures.

“My policy is: come check us out; I need your business.”

Oklahoma state representative Cliff Barker – the former director of the state’s anti-abortion rights group – is hoping to change the state’s abortion laws by making it a crime to administer drugs to induce an abortion and make clinics harder to open.

He has said that there are 23 abortion providers in the state, but that only two of them remain open.

Rep Barker says the added costs and time taken by the remaining clinics, like the women’s clinic in Norman, mean women in smaller towns are unable to access abortion.

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