Friday, October 22, 2021

Tech Expert’s Simple Tips to Avoid Facebook Scams

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If you have just posted an update to your Facebook page, you may have been swindled out of money. This crook used information received from an innocent victim to lure others into writing that the victim also had lost money and they wanted to “help.”

DOTHD reader Thiaagi Korir from Nairobi, Kenya, noticed the scam message on her Facebook friends page.

“On Facebook I received a message inviting me to write that my husband lost Sh50,000 and they want to be part of my scam,” Korir said.

Korir told DOTHD that her husband did indeed lose money to a scammer in January. But she was shocked to see that others were sharing the message without realising the fraud.

On her Facebook page, Korir explained that the message was spam but still shared on her news feed.

As more people shared the message, Korir realised it was nothing but a scam.

“It was clear this scammer was planning to fool other people in the same situation in the days to come by sharing the same information with just like-minded online friends. I did not want to allow this to happen and recommended he delete the post immediately but he refused. I posted his message in the news feed again. I had no idea that so many of my Facebook friends were experiencing the same thing,” Korir said.

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It turns out that the scammers were getting information on their victims from a news report on Kenyan TV station KTN and at least nine other stations. The crooks already knew which phone numbers were listed in the news report.

Facebook users who received the scam were asked to write a message for the crook to share to their contacts. Facebook users can report abusive or spam posts via an inbox link.

To protect yourself from these kinds of scams, you should not publish your personal information on your social media page. For example, your date of birth, address, and any other personal details. Also, use other websites or services to keep your private information safe and private.

By Samuel Ogundipe

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