Friday, October 22, 2021

Online sex worker network urges Instagram to move further on policy

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Having suffered enormous criticism for its morally questionable policy banning adult material on its social media accounts, a company that represents sex workers says it’s reached a compromise, allowing the practice on Instagram’s community board.

On Friday, Instagram users asked Instagram to lift the ban, saying their “friends and family worry and many are scared to use Instagram.”

On Instagram, the social media platform that is owned by Facebook, adult content is completely banned.

OnlyFans, a Los Angeles-based social network for sex workers, responded to the public outcry on Friday, sharing on Twitter that Instagram would in fact allow sex work to be posted on its community board. It is a relatively new platform. A number of adult companies such as Lora DiCarlo, Lustr and Erosrah have used Instagram to connect with customers and introduce their services and services to more people through social media.

“We are hoping to have adult-oriented accounts on the community board back,” wrote ThatCrew on Twitter.

An Instagram representative confirmed with CNN that adult accounts were allowed again on the community board. It did not comment further.

Not everyone is happy.

NotOnlyFans’ president, Alice, told CNN that it’s still a problem that posts banned on Instagram cannot be removed from its adult section.

“We don’t want sex workers to be banned from the rest of the site,” she said.

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