Friday, October 22, 2021

The New Digital Home Food Delivery Apps You Need To Download

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You know you’re human when you don’t throw out your trash. But if you live alone and don’t have a kitchen, canned foods become your only option. That is, until your can of Campbell’s tomato soup gets too long in the can.

Come March, however, there will be a new option: two apps on the market that will simplify the process.

FridgeAPP (available for download on the App Store) is a San Francisco-based startup. It takes all of the cleanliness and organization of a traditional grocery store and applies it to your home fridge. Not only will FridgeAPP keep your food cool and secure with a moisture-proof seal, it will tell you when you run out of its products and send you a notification alert. So it won’t have to ask “Are you ready for your stop?” again.

Clover (also available for download on the App Store) focuses on nourishing the body, not the brain. Clover (meaning ‘fruit to go’ in French) is the latest brand to leap into the fresh food delivery space. It delivers an assortment of fruits, grains, nuts, teas, candies and even a 5-mile trail.

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