Sunday, October 17, 2021

As Politics Turns Upside Down, Which Leaders Can Be Missionaries?

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Congress must act on immigration reform to avoid a stalemate, not just the next big fight, the Republican senators James Lankford and Thom Tillis said. Or, as Mr. Lankford put it, “If there is nothing else that Congress can do for you, let’s do this immigration reform.” Ad Policy

Of course, at this point the 114th Congress is barely a week old, and the only big fight the country has experienced so far concerns exactly how to end the budget standoff with Democrats that brought the government to the brink of a shutdown. “It’s really kind of a period of time when most folks think Congress is not involved,” Mr. Lankford said.

With that last election far behind us, it is hard to remember that in 2017 a new generation of politicians are now in power, with a different approach to dealing with the nation’s big problems. And many voters are seeking more consistency in their politics.

The presidential campaign spotlight has been on Republicans to figure out just what they really stand for, even as Democrats have largely backed down from their large effort to use their control of the House to force several dramatic policy changes, including gun control and higher taxes. Now, some of the top legislators and strategists in both parties are wondering which strategies will work.

The Trump administration promises to spend lots of money over the next two years and has shown little willingness to compromise on its campaign promises. So will the president’s protectionist, anti-free trade agenda have an impact on other major global issues? And is Mr. Trump more focused on presidential drama than solving problems?

“We’re not telling the president what to do,” said Mr. Lankford, “but we do know what he doesn’t know and that is what to do.”

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