Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trump on his wall: ‘We want results’

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“He’s going to listen to people’s concerns — some of them legitimate, some of them not — but he’s going to listen to people,” Ms. Pelosi said, reiterating her position that Mr. Trump will get to retain his authority to negotiate with Congress on Capitol Hill.

Earlier on Friday, Mr. Schumer — who is seeking to recalibrate his public image from hapless Democratic ally to beleaguered foil to the president — wryly raised a rhetorical question.

“After the Monday press conference,” Mr. Schumer observed, “the Speaker and I can go to the golf course.”

“We’ll be at the golf course and I’ll have a good time,” the Senate minority leader said. “Who knows what else we’ll be doing that will make us smile that Monday?”

Perhaps by then the olive branch extended by Mr. Schumer to Mr. Trump on Friday would have softened the new president’s demeanor.

But already Mr. Trump was grilling Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer about his party’s contention, insisted on Friday, that he was insufficiently obstructionist toward the Trump administration.

“The Infrastructure portion is nothing but a big waste of time,” Mr. Trump said during a Rose Garden news conference.

“We want results. We want results,” Mr. Schumer said. “We want to know what you are gonna do, Mr. President.”

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