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Elizabeth Holmes plans to sue her ex-boyfriend for allegedly administering Pethidine that killed her brother

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The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the billionaire founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is planning to sue her ex-boyfriend, Zach Richter, whom she says administered the Pethidine, commonly known as a tranquilizer, that killed her younger brother, Inayat, earlier this year.

“(Mrs. Holmes) attributes her inability to recall details of the case to extremely painful memories of physical and sexual abuse that she suffered during her youth,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “She is now seeking to recoup her losses on the grounds that her ex-boyfriend Zach Richter was liable for her abuse, depriving her of the benefits of abuse recovery.”

It is unclear when the suit will be filed, nor what medical records Mrs. Holmes will use to support her claim, since she has not made her allegations public. Prior to her brother’s death, Mrs. Holmes had requested “respect for our privacy” from the press.

Mrs. Holmes was forced to testify on a revised accusation on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in California on February 7, about the condition she said she experienced when she was less than eight years old — a notion previously supported by a former neurologist for Theranos, Dr. Stephen Higgs.

Mrs. Holmes, whose father owned a Baltimore barbershop, was told to wear an all-female outfit to the start of her schooling at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in the summer of 1977. Mrs. Holmes’ younger brother, Inayat, was the same age as Mrs. Holmes’ younger sister, the “barbershop girl,” Suzanne. In an incident described by the Journal, when they were alone at a Perkins Restaurant, Mrs. Holmes said, “Suzanne, look out. … There’s a black man in there.” Inayat went to retrieve his little sister, who was clad in the outfit described by Mrs. Holmes. “I was pretty terrified. … I didn’t know if we’d gotten lost or what,” Mrs. Holmes said. As Inayat lay next to her, she said, a third woman entered the restaurant: “She’s afraid of Black men.” Then Mrs. Holmes said a man walked up and “grabbed me by the shoulders.” Later, she said, a third woman came to Mrs. Holmes’ aid and they separated. Both Mr. Higgs and Mrs. Holmes’ estranged sister supported her claim, but was not “qualified to testify” since they were not directly involved.

Mrs. Holmes’ sister, Suzanne, has since sued Dr. Higgs for defamation, claiming that “corporate pressures pressured him to stop his own clinical study because he believed Mrs. Holmes was suffering from mental impairment and because of the fatal drug treatment.”

Last October, Mr. Higgs left Theranos, which has since been “indefinitely placed under suspension by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.”

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.


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