Sunday, October 17, 2021

White supremacist Twitter bully who had trashed Ana Navarro after Trump appearance

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Ana Navarro. Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Ana Navarro, a veteran television journalist, editorial writer and political analyst for The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC, became a top story on Sunday night when an 11-year-old, Charlotte Golar Richie, decided to take a screenshot of her Twitter account and post the “Ana Navarro is an extremely racist deplorable human being” message.

Navarro, who said in a follow-up tweet that she “proudly” supports Donald Trump, caught fire for co-hosting an appearance with Trump in Washington to talk immigration reform, and for co-hosting a CNN presidential debate earlier this year. The exchange, which included Trump’s routine anti-immigrant comments, quickly became the top Twitter conversation in the United States that night.

With all the attention on Saturday night, Navarro decided to work on her Twitter account on Sunday morning. She decided to do so by updating her bio to “Full-time ‘I-am-any-way-though-anything partisan.’ ”

Navarro, an outspoken conservative who has questioned the intelligence of professional black women on television, got back to work and posted this picture on Twitter. “Morning and with Trump & loyalty.”

This one felt like a poke in the eye.

Navarro, who’s on tour with the Republican National Committee as an ambassador, got an approving tweet from the Trump team with the hashtag #IStandWithAna.

No word yet if Navarro plans to get in the punchy headline game like Amber Rose.

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