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Apple is getting in the medical business

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Apple, in conjunction with the Health and Natural Products Coalition, plans to debut a new digital health and nutrition app in June of 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal. And, following up on the fall Apple Watch, the new app could allow the medical community to better measure patients’ health.

This news came just as Apple detailed its latest additions to its Apple watch and Apple Music products, as well as its efforts in health.

In addition to its current Apple Watch fitness-tracking and music app, Apple also announced new watch faces for the device, including a watch face for patients with Parkinson’s disease. This will allow them to navigate their symptoms from different time zones without getting distracted and look up any medications they might need to check against the medication that can have an adverse effect, depending on the medication.

For the Apple Music app, the software giant also announced that it will soon allow users to control smart home devices. With one tap on their wrist, users will be able to open up and move different smart homes, as well as play music for each in a connected room.

On top of that, the new music app will not only allow customers to connect with their favorite artists via a chat function, but will also stream only a certain song. This helps listeners avoid listening to any songs of the same genre as their favorites.

As part of these new service and software additions, the company is also taking another step in the rehabilitation field. In 2017, the company acquired the Silicon Valley-based Pivotal Health and the earlier this year acquired Shazam. The company also noted that one of the new partnerships will include an app for New York City’s paramedics to help locate the iPhone’s proximity detector. The EMS technology will be another tool to help the ambulance respond to emergencies faster.

The Journal reported that Apple and the Natural Products Coalition plan to unveil its “future health-related wellness app at Apple’s first Health and Wellness Conference” on June 26-27 in San Francisco. For more details on the company’s business approach to health, the report noted, investors should take a closer look at the June 2014 launch of the Apple Watch.

It stated:

“The year before the 2014 launch, Apple sold 2.8 million watches — that’s less than 2% of what Samsung sold in 2014, and the company’s wearable computing business is still a small slice of a $260 billion company. With eight-to-nine months to go before the company’s first-ever wearable computing event, that failure probably won’t matter much. If its suppliers can satisfy demand — and if the company’s developers can create useful software — Apple is likely to start shaking hands with health professionals at the end of June, despite its initial fumbling.”

It continued:

“The $6 billion company may be able to turn wearable computing into the next thing that sets it apart from other smartphones — though some analysts expect Apple to lose its long-running “cool” status over time as something that’s more of a hassle than a convenience.”

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