Saturday, October 23, 2021

Can the Arizona GOP overcome its breathtakingly cynical results?

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To really grasp how bad the Republican state primary was for the GOP, consider that its disappointing result was enough to return the party to its narrow margins of 1994, 2006 and 2012. Republicans remain the true minority.

“Please” would have been a far better approach than “Corrupt.”

However, “Corrupt” might better fit this unfolding situation than “Please.”

* * *

Even more remarkable than the results themselves are the reactions.

One press release sums it up best: “Ducey’s gubernatorial campaign issued a statement expressing gratitude to the half a million Arizonans who participated in today’s primary election,” it reads.

That’s so mean.

A political statement would have been better. The best political statement I can think of might be this:

“Thank you to the Latino voters and Black voters who elected Republicans to significant delegate positions at our GOP state convention,” but maybe only if they said “thank you.”

The Arizona Republic put together this “manifesto” about the Republicans who were nominated for statewide office and, “Our Democratic colleagues are ready to move on and start focusing on the people who elected them. We need to work together to move Arizona forward.”

A manifesto, a manifesto, a manifesto.

By my calculations that’s eight statements, and three corresponding letters, I think you will see a lot more of that before the state GOP wraps its feet around the sticky wicket.

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