Saturday, October 23, 2021

R & A – Intoxicated in the Black Hole: Brian Laundrie’s Attorney Tells What Really Happened

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Tonight on The Real Story, guest host Brian Laundrie spoke with T.J. Armstrong, a friend of Brian Laundrie, about Laundrie’s character and the documentary In The Grey Forest. Armstrong believed Laundrie was more of a “benign persona” until he started dating Gabby Petito. From that point, everything changed, and Armstrong claims that Laundrie was as unhappy as Gabby.

Watch the interview with Armstrong and hear more from his friends, George and Danny Price.

On Laundrie’s Collapse on the Witness Stand, Brian Laundrie’s defense: The defense asked Brian if there was anything specific that happened between T.J. and Gabby, and Brian said there was not. He did say that he remembered T.J. had a mustache at that time. “There is no button to pull” here. Brian accepts full responsibility and is sorry for everything. And I think he is sick about this case.

Watch the interview with George and Danny:

More from Brian Laundrie’s defense: For the first time Brian has admitted there was a dark side to him. He did not see a dark side until Gabby was murdered. I was here and knew him and know him now. They spent all this time trying to paint him as a bad guy and a manipulator. They are just trying to lump everybody together but there is one exception, Brian Laundrie.

Listen to Laundrie on the PBS TODAY show:

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