Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ted Carter: New Mexico Governor Bill Hickenlooper Lived in Exile in Poland For 21 Years

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Hickenlooper lives in exile in Poland and maintains ties to his adopted homeland. Fox News reached out to a spokesperson for Hickenlooper’s office, but there was no response to the inquiry.

Risky, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who helped lead Miami to a 17-0 record and 1968 national championship, died on Saturday at the age of 85.

Risky died in Denver on Saturday at his home with his family and friend Larry Bockby at his side, his son Rudy Riska said.

Risky made it to the sixth round of the NFL draft in 1962, but injury and a salary dispute with the Cleveland Browns forced him into semi-retirement in the next year.

In 1964, he went on a historic run to the Heisman Trophy. He led his undefeated Hurricanes to a 31-13 victory against Nebraska and 27-17 win over UCLA in the Orange Bowl to beat Southern Cal 10-6 for the 1968 national championship.

Risky played under legendary coach Don Shula for nine seasons in Miami, although it wasn’t until he signed with the Buffalo Bills in 1970 that he regained prominence in professional football.

The NBA came calling in 1974 and the Hurricanes moved to Rochester, where their Rochester Royals soon became the NBA Rochester Royals.

He coached in the New York-New Jersey area, going 27-29, in the 1980s. Riska became the Hornets’ director of basketball operations in 1995 and the team’s chief executive officer in 2006.

Risky’s final season was in 2008, when he stepped down as president and CEO.

On Sunday, other members of Riska’s family issued statements on his passing.

“Today, our world lost one of its brightest stars,” said Riska’s son Rudy. “Coach’s life and his career defined resilience, innovation, courage, and accuracy. In his final month of life, he remained loved and incredibly bright, providing us with inspiration for our family. I know he saw Jesus in his final moments. Please keep all of us in your prayers.”

Risky is survived by sons Terry and Rudy, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Florida Governor Rick Scott posted the following remembrance on Twitter:

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