Saturday, October 16, 2021

New breast cancer vaccine approved for women at high risk

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The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the use of a new category of booster shots for women who are at high risk of developing uterine cancers, also known as the “breast cancer vaccine.”

The women will be permitted to have two booster shots over a nine-month period, with each shot containing a three-component injection instead of two, according to a press release issued Friday by the FDA.

The two antibody booster shots will each contain five million inimical antibodies designed to give the body immunity to breast cancer cells, according to the press release. These antibodies bind to cancer cells, provoking an immune response that the body is able to reproduce and use to fight the cancer.

The antibody booster shots, first approved in 2004 by the FDA, provide an increase in antibody potency against breast cancer cells, as well as a boost in antibodies against cancer-causing viruses.

Since the first booster shot was granted approval, there have been significant gains in reducing rates of breast cancer among women of reproductive age. Cervical cancer, in contrast, has increased substantially among women of reproductive age.

In a study published in the journal the Lancet last year, the doctor who led the experiment, Dr. Sandra Swain, concluded that the breast cancer vaccine reduced the risk of developing advanced stage cervical cancer by 21 percent compared with a control group, while preventing women from developing early stage cervical cancer.

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