Sunday, October 24, 2021

NASA scientists have discovered a super-sized space fungus

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While you may think a fungus that infests outer space – complete with gold leaf textures and colorful patterns, as well as multicolored rods – would be something you would rather not have in your body, at least according to the Russian Space Agency, the answer is yes.

Although it is believed that lunar fungus can devastate spacecraft and even cause the Moon to turn the color of the porcelain throne from The Shining, Nasa scientists do not think they could risk it.

That’s because, according to studies published in 2017 and 2018, the fungus spores could very easily fit into the space-spacesuit harnesses.

But, the study, though it makes for some pretty freaky pictures, says that it is unlikely that NASA will be carrying a fungus infestation aboard future missions.

According to the researchers, once spores set seeds within the spacesuit compartment, it would be difficult to eradicate because the spores would cling to the fabric and the containment panels, a process that would result in the particles being washed out over time.

The last time a suspected fungus problem appeared on board a space shuttle in 1987, the space program found ways to identify the spores and successfully removed them from the spaceship.

And while these findings may sound like silly science fiction, these mold fears also help us better understand aspects of our own bodies, such as what makes us so resistant to fungus growth. The study by studying the fungus found that when it is spread through the body, genetic differences can help protect against it and “allergic” diseases can be prevented by exposing the space fungus to the body’s own immune cells.

Another exciting discovery involved how the mold hides in the human body, with scientists finding that there are a number of glands that are extra strong at repelling it, a feature usually associated with more “old fashioned” body preparations for travel.

Perhaps the researchers of NASA’s ongoing studies have spotted the wormhole and are heading towards the CIVILIANS dimension?

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