Friday, October 22, 2021

Khloe Kardashian’s brother’s ex reportedly on the list of people who hired private investigators on La La Anthony

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Khloe Kardashian’s relationship has taken some unexpected turns over the last year, one of which has involved her sister La La Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony was La La’s husband for six years before they separated in 2016. The pair have three children together.

TMZ posted a Thursday report claiming that several ex-NBA players gave the website a list of people that they alleged hired private investigators to check out on La La. Several of the players’ names were on the list.

The personal details of the “people” were reportedly unknown, but a number of the names on the list happened to include Carmelo Anthony.

Here’s the name of the person that came up: R&B singer Usher Raymond IV.

TMZ also reported that the Los Angeles Police Department investigated the ex-NBA players’ claim and found insufficient evidence to warrant an investigation.

CNN has reached out to the L.A. Police Department for comment.

CNN has also reached out to La La Anthony’s rep and the Houston Rockets, where Carmelo Anthony is currently a free agent.

TMZ reported that Carmelo Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, Yandy Smith, responded to the TMZ article on Twitter, saying that they “don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Carmelo Anthony then responded by calling Usher Raymond IV’s alleged involvement in his divorce “a joke.”

“Yandee don’t wanna mess wit love no more,” he tweeted on Friday morning. “I told her ima get paperwork done real quick & drop her from the team so she can’t put a gag order on me! Now all these f**king bogus business deals you constantly tweeting that people are telling you about that I’m involved in.”

Carmelo Anthony has yet to respond to CNN’s request for comment about claims that his supposed ex-girlfriend was on the list.

TMZ originally reported in July that a former Knicks player said Usher Raymond IV was hired by Carmelo Anthony to check out the Knicks star’s ex-wife in 2017.

Last month, the NBA star was accused of recruiting a model to have her baby while she was pregnant with his, according to the National Enquirer.

In a Friday report in the newspaper, an unidentified model claimed she had a nine-month affair with the athlete while he was married to La La Anthony. The woman said she paid the model to get pregnant as a condition of her dalliance.

Carmelo Anthony responded in a tweet Tuesday that she’s “full of sh*t.”

“I want u to know I don’t ever chase 2 & 2= 4 ever,” he tweeted. “I never ever put my hand on anyone I dont have a hand on no woman and no baby from another woman not even my lil family.”

Anthony has two children with La La Anthony.

This story was originally published by CNN.

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