Friday, October 22, 2021

11 weird things your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t work

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If you can’t get an incoming message on your Samsung Galaxy S10 because you are in space, then your phone doesn’t realize your mother died. This is the unsophisticated world of Samsung.

1 You know what else?

Your connection to the universe is stronger than that of anyone that made it to space.

2 Your phone cannot even tell the difference between babies and dogs.

3 You will willingly share your body with an alien race that has never seen a computer before.

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4 You will accidentally set off fireworks when launching the S10 while the family has only one other phone connected to the same wireless network.

5 You will not be invited to speak at the new Downton Abbey series despite being offered a character of your choosing.

6 You will forget your grandmother passed away.

7 Your phone does not remember you are a person.

8 You will find out your greatest enemy is you.

9 Your phone will not remember you have never seen a death scene before or that it was silent.

10 Your phone will forget it is the biggest phone ever made.

11 You will find out your granddaughter does not look like your granddaughter.

12 You will have to live with the knowledge you must not, for the rest of your life, wish you would have stayed on Earth.

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