Saturday, October 23, 2021

‘It used to be the life I wanted’: ClutterFix makes Amazon on-demand unpleasant

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“Everyone loves working here.” That’s what’s posted on the company’s site to open any conversation with potential employees. People signed up to be ClutterFixers, which recently changed its name from Zulily to avoid confusion with another site, and were promised “premium working conditions and compensation for quality service.”

But then ClutterFix started to slowly, but surely, take away some of its workers’ options. Employees said they started having issues with the scheduling as soon as they started. They had to sign up to their schedule on Saturdays. Then, they were told that they were allowed to take more vacation. But in February, a weekend was taken away altogether and Saturday scheduling was reinstated. Now, the logistics of working were tightened: The company has given employees only one hour off in the morning and had to cancel all of its scheduled team meetings to get their schedules down to a minimum.

They are also currently on a week-long 8-hour workday that is capped at five days, Monday through Friday. Employees said they expected shorter, more intense hours.

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