Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rising candidates defend Trump against election fraud claims

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Some of the biggest elections in America are being overshadowed by candidate vote fraud accusations in a handful of districts. And a key part of the effort to stop it – Republican congressional candidates who have spoken out against President Donald Trump – are not finding any open seats.

But, President Trump has repeatedly targeted Democrats in the campaign, according to elections experts.

“The special elections that have taken place this year, the ones that are being contested right now, seem to be Donald Trump’s playing field,” said Samuel Abrams, a professor of political science at Stanford University.

News 4 spoke to a handful of Republican candidates who have spoken out against the President. Some of them are among the biggest losers in the polls.

“When my opponent first released that ad, it was clear it was an attack on me. When he released it, he knew it was an attack on me. He knew that this was going to be a last-minute ad released, basically. And they said they had more to come,” said Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate in Montana.

But, other Republicans are holding on to their seats by way of candidate vote fraud.

One such candidate is Democrat Bill Foster in Illinois, whose candidacy has been doubted by some members of his own party.

“[Trump] says the election has been rigged. You know, that he doesn’t believe this election is fair,” Angela O’Connor, a voter, said.

Foster told News 4: “If the President of the United States is calling the election a rigged election, then we as individuals, we as a state need to be able to say he’s not right.”

Still, other Republicans are doing fine in part because the President is taking center stage for many of them.

“When I saw the ad with Trump talking about the primary I made a mistake. It was like, ‘Oh no.’ I should have dismissed it and I went back to the race and said ‘I’m sorry,’” Gianforte said.

With a tremendous power in the Republican party, it’s not just President Trump but also members of his party who are behind these candidates – and that will help them continue in their campaigns.

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