Saturday, October 16, 2021

#CNNStoryBreak: Huntley’s search for fugitive Brian Laundrie

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Jenna Marini and Chris Cuomo discussed the search for fugitive Brian Laundrie on a Thursday episode of #CNNStoryBreak.

New video is available to viewers here:

Susan Huntley of San Jose FOX40 News reports that Laundrie’s daughters live nearby and his grandmother lives in the town of Paradise. She says her grandmother has been calling Laundrie in jail.

New video also gives us a closer look at the status of the search for Brian Laundrie. This morning on National Public Radio’s This American Life host Brian Lehrer is heard discussing the case with Co-Host Robert Siegel.

Joseph Citrano joins “#CNNStoryBreak” at 11:30am ET to discuss the case and respond to tweets he has seen in support of Brian Laundrie, and to react to Laurence Garcia’s commentary on Christopher Kastlewicz’s heart attack this morning on Twitter. Citrano is Brian Laundrie’s attorney in a case his client is currently fighting.

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