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7 ways to get your kids excited about using credit cards

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I asked an expert for suggestions on how to use credit card rewards points and miles to get your kids up to speed on things they like — without confusing them.

Is it enough just to have mom and dad read “The 5 Dumbest Things Kids Do Wrong” to the kids every night?

A: Reaching out to their parents can be the best thing you do for their development. Remember that parents (and other adults for that matter) can play a huge role in helping their kids grow and develop — and learn from mistakes.

A healthy marriage and a stable household take care of your kids, right?

Yes. But supporting other relationships in the household (for instance, with friends and family members) is equally critical.

When kids are older, they can self-report their academic, social and personal skills. Kids’ personalities are built out of their interactions with many people throughout their lives. Be sure to foster those connections with other adults in the household.

What programs or websites do you suggest?

Good ways to reach out to your kids on your own are:

• Leverage the Family and Marriage Institute’s Great Conversation Wall that helps you talk with kids about topics like money, sexuality, puberty, friendships and more.

• Scout out educational, fun and non-nontoxic websites from parents and experts like:

FINDING WAYS: Creating your own personalized website can help you get the information you need to help children. #me2020 #goodtimes #love #tech A post shared by Doug Moffitt (@grandmotheredou) on May 6, 2016 at 11:17am PDT

• Take advantage of all of the credit card rewards programs that are out there (like Ultimate Rewards and Spark Rewards) so that you can spread out the rewards, earn cash back and explore other rewards.

And how about those other credit card rewards?

Gift cards are a great way to get kids excited about gift-giving. And if you don’t have your own kids around, there are free rewards websites for creating customized cards for everyone in your household.

Next week, we’ll talk about ways to use credit card rewards points and miles to get kids excited about the gift-giving process.

If your kids don’t use their rewards to get them into good schools, bus passes, shopping trips or anywhere else they should be going, those rewards can be useful.

This post was co-written by Kate Linder, a Girl Meets Tech writer at the Washington Post.

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