Sunday, October 17, 2021

#NewYearWithAllOurSouls: A Lasting Image Of Just What Altered The Island Of Cuba

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It was wonderful to see the number of ships in the port of Havana that were there to compete in the “Barracuda Sweepstakes” – the men’s event of the day.

The deck of the Le Bon Ship 12, a French fishing vessel, was the anchor when The Daily Ship took the first turn in the race to Capimas de Hipolito. The Le Bon was broadsided by the nearby Contra Navitivos in a case of hot heads colliding in the middle of a surf. Luckily, the captain had the good sense to steer the damage-damaged boat back towards the Port of Havana.

The day also gave time to reflect on the tragedy at sea, when British cruisers sank in a panic after failing to detect a glaring red danger that had little to do with their cargo. In that case, male deaths were repressed as a girl was killed in the accident. But in the end, all along, the humanity of the callous sailors and employers that lacked the compassion to admit they had made a mistake.

On a second occurrence, the cargo ships that were broken up by the ferocious north-west winds in the 1980s as they went over the strait, were called in for repair and a few had the courage to go on to sail without any accident despite the paralysing storms.

All in all, it was a dreadful day.

We hung out on the bell with the girls and took stock. We were here, all together in one place – it was a beautiful day! But the disappointed heart of Praveen Bhat and Ajit Dubey, both engineers, “badly disappointed in the weather”, because of “the confusing wind” and “the sea”s “toasty” weather.

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