Sunday, October 17, 2021

Help! I’m using my iPhone in a public airport and it’s not working

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Please bring your current iPhone or iPhone mini to (T)LAX airport when you arrive.

You can present your iPhone to airport personnel as ID to be given free Wifi from your airline. The specific airline can decide and may not offer this service to you.

Using the Airport ID (Name, Account, Customer, Location, Signature, etc.) option in the Settings App, select the ‘iPad’ (see next article) option and enter the details of your iPhone.

Enter the ‘username’ section of this Facility Password.

Choose a hard passcode.

Alarm only (new for people who use ‘Password’ as a security method).

Queue in (initial zone).

Choose the airport free wifi option.

Tap ‘choose a password’.

The airport wi-fi network may be monitored, used and recorded on your iPhone. Just remember to choose a hard password by enabling passcode.

You can remove any user data from your iPhone on-site or transfer the data to another iPhone.

You may take a backup of your iPhone on-site. If you lose your iPhone, you may use the software recovery key to set up the device in your iCloud Account.

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