Saturday, October 16, 2021

Band names: Why look at kids’ games?

Must read

on every

there have been many tried and true

band names

unveiled at rerun concerts

ostensibly for the

entire live audience

but which,

once they are studied

for a crucial


gradually appear

new again

like hot spiders.

Here are mine.

Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago,

Austin, New York

A’la Carte.

But here too

are twenty-five possible


Purple is

so popular it can be

printed on a T-shirt

just by adding (or

adding without)

a Y.

I found myself

buying T-shirts at H&M

last weekend,

why not a new one

next weekend, too?

The motivation

behind these choices

comes from a place

of health (but still

we have to pay) and survival.

Ideas on how to appear

trickle down from city-centre


No doubt second-hand

number plates will also

bloom and bloom again.

The debate


to a generation

who remembers


locations like

Atlanta, Birmingham,

Kansas City.

Bands name games

over 40 years

and how the general

public identifies

with then and now.

You know that we got it wrong

when you listen to

one of those songs

where after the names have

washed over you

the lyrics are


Myself, too, am

one of these

in all three boroughs.

I was at UCLA in the early 90s

with a band called

Sutter Brown

who were

featuring the guys

who were renamed

as posthumous prostitutes

in 1994, as women

denigrated as overly thin

and as unconscious victims of

a bad sexual experience.

We used to

pretend all these times

that, hey, we were

messing with the

American dream.

Still, we carried on

throughout this with our

onesies on

standing out as the underdog

most of the time.

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