Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ruthless seagulls terrorize and demolish a drone in an unusual, deadly attack

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A flock of seagulls attacked a delivery drone as it was delivering packages at a university campus in Italy.

The drone, carrying a tiny supermarket package, was hovering at a sheltered area on the grassy slope at San Martino University near Naples, when the first birds of prey hopped on board.

After that, the birds’ attacks were relentless. Dozens of birds, from small seagulls, to larger ones, swooped down on the drone, a category 4 Peloton A3 from Elite Aviation. The company said in a Facebook post that it was in the process of contacting authorities and removing the drone. It said its propellers made the birds confused and unable to fly away.

A local resident, David Cattini, captured the action on his phone. “The number of seagulls wasn’t high enough for the drones to take advantage of that and it didn’t think twice,” Cattini told The Guardian. “It completely crashed into them and they continued attacking the drone for two minutes. Some birds even tried to attack the operator.”

Sky News reports that it has footage of the moment the drone smashed into the hatching birds. In the video, you can see the drone’s propellers whirring as it veers around the coming deluge.

The drone was delivering food to students who live at the University of Naples Cesena.


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