Sunday, October 17, 2021

Young woman, awaiting heart care, allegedly left waiting in hospital for 2 hours while several patients were turned away

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A young woman was waiting for a cardiac catheterization at a Birmingham, Ala., hospital when she became too overwhelmed to receive the treatment she needed.

Caitlin Kehm was left waiting for two hours at a Centennial Medical Center while the staff turned away dozens of other cardiac patients, according to an obituary published in The Times of Greater Birmingham.

Drawn from the wording of Kehm’s obituary, which was published Monday in the newspaper, the police department confirmed to The Times that it is investigating the doctor’s alleged action.

The incident happened in May, but the hospital has only been made aware of it in the past few days, according to an obituary read by the girlfriend of Kehm’s father in a press conference held in Montgomery on Tuesday.

“Caitlin Kehm was not being properly cared for,” said Elizabeth Kehm, who read the obituary and attended the press conference along with her father.

“It took two hours for her to even get an IV. I questioned why it took her so long and when she finally got to her point of urgency they ignored her and turned away more than 40 other patients at the same time.”

Kehm’s family said they are still awaiting answers, but that they are choosing to keep her memory alive by sharing her story.

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