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Boston’s TD Garden fans were told not to go into the arena

Boston's TD Garden fans were told not to go into the arena

Ticketmaster apologizes to Taylor Swift, fans over sales disaster

Tickets sell in just over an hour in Boston’s TD Garden. But once fans enter the arena, they’re told they can’t go near the action.

“The first time we heard of the ticket fiasco, we were completely taken aback. We can only imagine what the fans must feel,” said Ticketmaster chief operating officer Scott Doshi.

“We are sorry for any confusion that this had caused. Tickets will be released for sale as soon as we possibly can.”

He said while the company couldn’t comment on the specifics of the situation, it was dealing with internal issues.

“If there’s a change that they feel they want to take, they will and we’ll make it happen,” said Doshi.

“I know we all have high hopes for Boston’s TD Garden.”

A spokesperson for Boston’s Mayor Martin J. Walsh said they offered an apology to Swift and fans.

“The mayor is aware of the situation and deeply regrets it; he and the city’s leaders want to ensure fans are able to attend the show with the same experience as everyone else,” said the statement from the mayor’s office.

Doris Jens, who was there with a friend, said fans were not allowed in the arena because of some “bad things” that happened at the venue last week.

Jens called the way people were not allowed into the arena “pretty messed up.”

The Boston Globe has reported some fans were told not to go into the building.

We’ve been following this story for more than two days, but it seems like the whole situation is being blown out of proportion. What we’re hearing from Boston’s Globe and other reports was that all of Boston was not allowed into the arena. There were no red lines in the building, so the normal rules apply. Fans were allowed in, but not everyone could. That’s what the Boston Globe reported. The fans had a special pass issued by another company which allowed them to enter the stadium. The concert was sold out when they announced the pass. It was announced on the stadium’s website that they would be issuing tickets for sale as

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