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10 New York City Neighborhoods That Are Making the Most of the New Economy

10 New York City Neighborhoods That Are Making the Most of the New Economy

Time Out picks the ‘world’s coolest’ neighborhood for 2022

Time Out, in partnership with The Architect, picks the best neighborhoods for the next two years.

The city’s best neighborhoods are in a constant state of change as they undergo extensive renovation and expansion projects to expand economic opportunities. Today, Time Out takes a look at ten neighborhoods making the most of this momentum.

We spoke to experts who are already living in these neighborhoods to find out what makes them so popular (or just different), and we also explore what makes a neighborhood unique and worth visiting. After all, the best neighborhoods are like beautiful people, we just don’t know their favorite secret.

We hope you find our picks surprising. That’s pretty much the only reason we like them. (Actually, we don’t – but maybe you will.)

10. SoHo, NYC

Photo: The Architect

SoHo is more than just a neighborhood – it’s a destination that’s synonymous with the city. It’s defined by grand old houses that have been beautifully restored, and it’s where you find the best restaurants, bars and shops.

The neighborhood’s architecture is also synonymous with its fashion. It’s the place where everyone from artists, fashion designers and musicians to actors and entrepreneurs go to be creative.

The SoHo area also sees a lot of high-end residential buildings, and this type of architecture is often seen in trendy neighborhoods – like Brooklyn, DUMBO – but this is the first time that the city’s traditional architecture is the subject of a “neighborhood” feature.

9. Lower Manhattan

Photo: Shutterstock

Lower Manhattan is defined by the old and the new. It’s the new heart of New York city, with one of the largest concentrations of contemporary architecture in the world. It’s home to one of the most renowned urban planning and design schools in the US, Yale’s School of Architecture. The neighborhood is also a hub for high-quality art galleries, and is home to many

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